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Cafeteria, Cell Phones & Curriculum


Menus are given to students at the beginning of each month. Prices are as follows:

Breakfast $1.15
Reduced Breakfast $0.30
Student Lunch – Full price $1.95
Student Lunch – Reduced $0.40
Milk $0.40



Lunches may be purchased daily, weekly, monthly or on a semester basis. You may also pay your students lunch money online at Applications for free/reduced lunch are available from the cafeteria manager at registration or at any point during the school year. If students prefer, they may also bring sack lunches from home. Please note that sack lunches cannot be warmed by microwave or any other means.

We strongly encourage families to provide healthy lunches free of sodas or other sweet snacks as children learn best after eating healthy lunches.

Any questions regarding cafeteria issues should be directed to Jennifer Borkowski at 898-2057 or Food and Nutrition Services at


Students may have cell phones at school provided that they are kept in their backpacks in an off position during the school day. Cell phones that are used during the school day will be confiscated and parents/guardians will have to pick them up in the office.

1st Offense:  Confiscated 1 day
2nd Offense: Confiscated 2-5 days
3rd Offense:  Confiscated until May 22, 2014 – End of School Year

Lost or stolen phones are not the schools responsibility and instructional time will not be used to look for a lost or stolen phone.


Sierra Vista uses the Albuquerque Public Schools and State of New Mexico Standards to guide instruction. The following is a list of specific curricula used at Sierra Vista to attain these standards. A list of these standards will be distributed to each student in the first week of school. References to the standards being taught will be made monthly through teacher newsletters.


Sierra Vista has established a 90-minute literacy block for our entire school. The instructional strategies and expectations are as follows:

  • Every K-3 and beginning step 4-5 student will be assessed using the DRA2 once per trimester.

  • Every student will receive direct literacy instruction through CCSS in small group, large group and individually (as needed) using the Core Reading Program, TREASURES, or SPIRE for Special Education, and other supplemental materials.

  • Every student will read in leveled text on a daily basis

  • Shared, Guided and Independent Reading will take place during this 90 minute block daily.

  • Every student will write on a daily basis.

Literacy block is considered “sacred”, uninterrupted, time. It is free from pullouts, assemblies, etc. ALL CLASSES AND TEACHERS WILL PARTICIPATE AND FOLLOW THE COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS OF PRACTICE DURING THIS TIME.


Sierra Vista will be using Everyday Math curriculum in grades K-5. EDM must be the primary math curriculum in every class, in addition, supplemental materials will be integrated to meet CCSS.

In addition, every child will participate in a timed skills program for no more than 5 minutes DAILY focusing on grade-level appropriate skills.

A math Problem of the Day is done in every classroom on a daily basis. Each problem should have a written explanation of the process used by each child. Grade-levels must have a common rubric for the written explanation.


Science and Social Study Units will be integrated with the Reading curriculum. Sierra Vista is using the science kits adopted by the district. Each grade-level has specific kits to help them teach the subject area pertinent to their grade level standards. Discovery Ed will also be used and integrated into the Science/SS lessons.


Students will be required to follow a writing process everyday. Kindergarten will have a 30 minute writing block, all other grade levels will instruct writing for 45 minutes of time.