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Discipline & Dress Code


An important part of a child’s education is the development of socially acceptable behavior. We would appreciate your cooperation with helping us to enforce our school rules. The rules are as follows:



...Sting with Self-Esteem


Students will receive discipline slips for violating rules. “Character Counts!” I did not exhibit good character in the following area(s):
_____ Respect (fighting/physical aggression; disrespecting students, staff or property; abusive/foul language; sexual Battery/Assault…)
_____ Citizenship (not obeying rules; on-going negative behaviors in classroom; disrespecting authority…)
_____ Caring/Fairness (hurtful behavior; name-calling; verbal abuse)
_____ Trustworthiness/Responsibility (cheating; stealing; weapons; vandalism)
_____ Bullying To qualify as bullying, incident must involve an imbalance of power between the aggressor & target. Bullying usually involves multiple incidences, the aggressor & the target have drastically different reactions to the incident, and target feels powerless to self-advocate.
☐ New Incident     ☐ Repeated Incident (# of documented incidents____)     ☐ Imbalance of Power


Playground Discipline Plan

1st Warning

The first time a student breaks a playground rule they are reminded of the rule and asked to repeat the rule.

2nd Warning

On a second infraction the student is asked to sit in timeout, on the red curb, until a given amount of time is given by the duty teacher. The rule is talked about and repeated by the student for reinforcement

If there is a more serious problem, such as fighting or repeated infractions, the student will be removed from playground and sent to the office. A discipline referral slip is to be written up by the duty teacher and taken to the office for further action.
A copy of the discipline slip is available upon request. The minimum mandatory consequences listed on the matrix in the APS Handbook will be used in the event of severe behavioral infractions. This may include suspension. Only administration can suspend a student.


Sierra Vista has “NO TOLERANCE” for violence. Acts of violence will result in severe consequences.

Sierra Vista students will also receive “Stinging Scorpion” certificates for showing good citizenship and doing extra acts of kindness. These certificates are turned in and students are put into a drawing to be the “stinging scorpion of the month”. One day each month is set aside for Stinging Scorpions of the month to have lunch with the Principals.


Sierra Vista complies with the APS Dress Code which specifies:

  • Students must wear appropriately fitting clothing. (No excessively tight or revealing clothing, no sagging or baggy clothes permitted)

  • Students may not wear clothing that advertises, displays or promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect or bigotry

  • Hats/caps/hoods may not be worn in the building or classroom except when there are instructional, safety, religious or medical reasons.

  • Students may not wear spiked jewelry, chains or belts with more than 2 inches excess.

  • Gang-related apparel is prohibited

In addition, Sierra Vista Students:

  • May not bring any form of make-up to school including glitter and hair products.

  • May not wear make-up or fake nails to school.

  • Must wear shorts or skirts that are at least the length of their fingertips when hands are rested at their side.

  • Must wear shirts that cover the midriff.

  • May not wear tinted gel or hair spray, or distracting hairstyles; Mohawks must be shorter than 2”.

  • May not wear “Heeleys” or “Roller Blades” or any other shoes with wheels.

  • We highly encourage closed toed flat shoes in order to stay safe while on the playground.

If the dress code violation is correctable at school, the student will make the necessary changes. If the student needs a change of clothing, he/she will wait in the office until a parent or guardian provides appropriate clothing.