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Student Placement & Visitors


Students are placed in classrooms based on a variety of criteria.
Due to the extensive process used to place children, changes in placement will not be honored without observation of the Placement Policy. Following the policy does not guarantee a change in placement.

Placement Policy
No changes in placement will be considered until the student has been in his/her assigned class for a minimum of two weeks. Should a change in placement ultimately be approved, the new placement will be based, in part, on existing class sizes and compositions.

The steps listed must be followed in order when seeking a change in placement.

  1. The parent makes an appointment through the office to observe in the classroom during instructional time and then observes for a period of thirty minutes or more.
  2. he parent makes an appointment with the teacher to discuss concerns and expectations after the observations.
  3. If this does not resolve the problem, then- The parent writes a letter to the principal with a copy for the teacher, stating the reason(s) for the requested change in placement. (The teacher has the option of seeking support in an effort to respond to the parent’s concerns)
  4. The parent, teacher and principal will then meet to discuss the change request and attempt to come to consensus about approving or disapproving the change in placement. If the group is unable to reach consensus, the final decision is made by the principal.
  5. If the change in placement is approved, the new placement will be made considering existing class sizes and compositions.


Visitors and volunteers are always welcome at Sierra Vista. APS policy requires that all visitors check in the office. We have a visitor sign-in system.
Visitors must present identification and must be listed on a student’s enrollment card. Visitors will receive a badge that helps to assure student safety. Staff and students are trained to report anyone without a badge to the office. As part of our Safe School Plan we will report unidentified visitors to APS police immediately. Please be sure to sign in whenever visiting campus between the hours of 7:43 and 1:50.

Classroom observers and volunteers are not permitted without a scheduled appointment. In an effort to limit distractions, parents may not bring younger siblings with them if they are volunteering in classrooms or other instructional areas.

In addition, APS requires that all volunteers must have a background check through APS Human Resources Department. These background checks are only accepted if done through APS. Volunteer forms are available in the Principal’s Office.

Visitor – Someone who visits the classroom for a specific reason for a brief period of time. Must be on the students enrollment card and provide ID to visit the classroom.

(IE: dropping off cupcakes and singing happy birthday, bringing a jacket or sack lunch, etc.)


Volunteer – Someone who is working/assisting the classroom teacher, must have an APS background check and show ID.

(IE: prepping materials, working one-on-one or with small groups of students, fieldtrip chaperones, etc. LONG PERIOD OF TIME)