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Kinesiology & Physical Education

PE Dress requirements

Dear Parents and Guardians of Sierra Vista Elementary Students,


My name is Darlene Argano. This is my eleventh year at Sierra Vista Elementary School.
I am excited to be your child’s Physical Education teacher this year.

Physical Education is a critical part of a child’s whole education. Quality physical education programs are needed to increase physical competence and health related fitness.

The Sierra Vista Physical Education curriculum is established to follow the New Mexico State and National Physical Education Standards. The Standards are statements that define what students should know and be able to do upon completion of specific levels of instruction.


The Goal of the Physical Education Curriculum is to develop individuals who are proficient at movement and who can use physical activity to:

  • Maintain or develop fitness
  • Develop skills for sport and recreation
  • Use movement for self-expression, enjoyment, challenge, and social interaction
  • Build a lifestyle of physical activity

Basic health issues will also be addressed throughout the school year.
Your child will receive assessments according to the standards mentioned above.
I have developed “Ask Me” assessments which your child will bring home to you so you can check his/her motor development, physical skills and knowledge about what he/she is being taught.
The assessments are extremely simple and will require your signature.


Your child’s class is scheduled to participate in Physical Education classes two times each week for 25 minutes each time. Please post the picture and memo that you received with this letter on your refrigerator to remind your child to dress out appropriately for class. Failure to dress appropriately will result in a failing grade for that day.  

Your child will receive 5 grades for his or her participation in the Physical Education class. Children will receive a grade for Effort which is determined by the child’s participation, enthusiasm, following safety and instructional rules. The children will also receive a grade for social and behavior effectiveness. This grade is determined by the child’s ability to participate and cooperate with others in the physical education environment. Rubrics and specific information about this grade will be made available soon. Standard #3 is graded according to how active your child is outside of the school environment. It is determined by a lifestyle of fitness. Standard 2 reflects your child’s understanding of physical education concepts such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and agility.



Each child must wear tennis shoes that fit properly. This means that if the shoes they wear have laces, the laces must be tied snuggly on the child’s foot. Loose laces are not fashionable or safe for physical activities. Velcro or zippered shoes must have the Velcro or zippers fastened so the shoe is snug and not loose on the child’s feet. Heely shoes are not allowed at school at all.  Socks must be worn inside of the shoes. Comfortable clothing which does not restrict movement must be worn. T-shirts and elastic waist pants are the best choice. Pant legs must not drag on the ground and must stay on the child’s waist without a belt. Shirt sleeves must be at or above the wrists.

Hats, sunglasses and jewelry are never permitted in the gym.

Jewelry other than stud earrings is not permitted.

Picture day is the only day in which the children will be excused from proper dress for PE. Any other day, the child must be dressed out. IE: Pajama day. If the child is supposed to wear slippers, have him/her bring tennis shoes to change into.



Dressing out: Your child must dress according to my PE instructions. Failure to dress appropriately will result in a”0” grade and he/she will not participate in PE that day.

Participation: The child will show positive attitudes toward the activities presented by the teacher. The child is not graded on athletic ability but on willingness to participate.

Leadership and Attitude: Each child starts the class with a grade of three (3) if he/she is dressed appropriately and participates. Points can be gained by demonstrating leadership, good character and team spirit.  Points can be lost by inappropriate behavior such as hurtful criticism, disrespect for class rules and improper or dangerous use of equipment.

A note from the Physical Education teacher will be sent home for the parent to sign and return to the Physical Education teacher if a child has difficulty fulfilling the Physical Education requirements on any given day.

Some written work will be required.

Returned assessments will also receive a grade.


Special needs

It is understood that most special needs are confidential.

However, if your child has special needs that prohibit full participation in the Physical Education curriculum, and that can cause harm to the child if not adhered to, please let me know.

If a child uses an inhaler and must use it before PE class, that child will be held accountable to make sure his responsibility is fulfilled before class. Cardio respiratory exercise is always a part of our class. This includes running, rope jumping and other activities that build the heart and lung capacity. Children will be expected to participate unless we are notified by his/her parents that he/she is not able.


Project Fit America

Several years ago, Sierra Vista Elementary received a grant from Project Fit America. Also, our fourth and fifth grade students participated in the Cardinal Health Challenge which is a battery of fitness tests. The same students participated in nutrition awareness classes presented by members of the Presbyterian Healthplex. Our school received $1000.00 from Cardinal Health and Presbyterian Health because of the exemplary performance and attitude of our students. Principles of Project Fit America are instructed consistently during the school year.

The Project Fit America Equipment (red and blue) on the playground is meant for students and the community to use.


 Chart and Challenge activities are made available to all children. Results of these challenges are announced during the morning and afternoon announcements. These activities include the Runner’s Club, Rope Climbing contest, cup Stacking contest, and possibly more. More activities will be made available if parent volunteers can help. The results are also posted on the bulletin boards outside the gym and on the Physical Education link on the Sierra Vista Website.


Presidential Fitness Challenge

Each child in first through fifth grade will participate in the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Testing is usually done in PE class. The results of the tests are not used for grading purposes. The results give you and your child information on his/her fitness levels. Awards are presented at the end of the school year to each child who passes all five tests. The Presidential Fitness Standards are posted in many hallways of the school and outside of the gym.


Physical Education Website

A Physical Education link is available on the Sierra Vista website. This website is intended to inform the community about activities that are available in school and outside of school. Information is also given on Growth and Development for parents of young children, and for Family communication. If you have suggestions or information for the website that may be valuable to our community please send me an email at Remember that all information must be approved by our Principal Ms. Jaramillo.

Let’s support the children and help set them up for success!

Coach Argano